January 2015 Election Results

I am pleased to announce the results of the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music election. Jennifer Bloxam was elected to a two-year term as vice president, followed by a two-year term as president of the society. John Paul Ito, Joanna Smolko, and Joshua Waggener were elected to four-year terms as members at large of the executive committee of SCSM. The new terms will begin at the annual meeting of the society in February. Please join me in congratulating our new vice president and members at large.

I want to thank all of the candidates for their willingness to stand for election, and I want to thank Bob Judd, Blenda Im, and Mark Peters for their outstanding work on the nominating committee.

I would also like to thank Stephen Crist, whose term as president of SCSM will conclude at this annual meeting, and Andrew Shenton, who will take over as president at that time. And I want to thank the following executive committee members whose terms also end in February: Peter Mercer-Taylor, Chelle Stearns, and Benita Wolters-Fredlund. We are sincerely grateful for your service.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Atlanta in a few weeks.

Tim Steele

SCSM Secretary