The Society for Christian Scholarship in Music is an association of scholars interested in exploring the intersections of Christian faith and musical scholarship.
We are an ecumenical association, reflecting the world-wide diversity of Christian traditions, and seeking to learn from scholars outside those traditions. As scholars of Christian convictions, we are dedicated to excellence in all our work as musicologists, theorists, ethnomusicologists and theologians.

Christian musicologists talked in the late ’90s about forming an association focused on bringing their faith and their academic research together. In March 2002 a steering committee consisting of Thomas Connolly, Robert M. Copeland, Stephen Crist, William Edgar, Robert Judd, and Timothy Steele, met in Philadelphia and formed the loose organization with its name and subject, and planned for a general meeting the following year. In the fall of 2002 a reception was held at the meeting of the American Musicological Society at which about seventy interested visitors were present.

The first conference of the Forum on Music and Christian Scholarship (FMCS) (Philadelphia, March 2003) drew about fifty attendees. Attendance at conferences has ranged from forty-five to a hundred over the past four years. In March 2007 the steering committee formally approved a constitution and bylaws, and disbanded itself in favor of more formal structure.

The name was changed to the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music in December 2012.