Graduate Student Paper Prize Guidelines

Graduate Student Paper Prize – 2018 Guidelines

The Graduate Student Prize of the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music is awarded annually to a graduate student for a scholarly paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society. Any individual or panel paper by a graduate student whose abstract is accepted by the program committee, who is a member of SCSM when the prize application is submitted, and who delivers the paper at the annual meeting is eligible for the prize (lecture-recital programs are not eligible for this prize). The prize recipient will be recognized with a citation at the annual meeting, be featured in the SCSM Newsletter, and receive a $250 award. Application procedures are as follows:

All materials must be submitted electronically by 8 pm Eastern Standard Time on the Thursday two weeks prior to the first day of the Annual Meeting (January 25, 2018), and directed to the Chair of the Graduate Student Prize Committee (

Applicants should submit the following materials:

  1. The complete text of the paper as it will be delivered. Please adhere to these guidelines:
  • The text should be double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins in MS Word or PDF format, and should not exceed 3000 words (excluding any footnotes, if used).
  • If applicable, please include any visual materials (i.e. a handout, or PowerPoint images). These can be included in the text file, or sent as a separate PDF, with callouts as needed within the text. Please do not send audio/video materials, but do indicate audio/video examples with callouts in the body of the paper, and include the timing for each audio example.
  • The paper should be carefully timed to stay within the 25-minute presentation limit. Please note that the time needed to play any audio/video examples should be counted as part of the 25-minute limit, and the word count adjusted accordingly.
  1. A statement from the student’s academic advisor affirming that the applicant held graduate-student status on the proposal submission deadline of 1 October 2017. Should the applicant receive their degree after this date, they will remain eligible for the 2018 prize. The advisor should email this brief confirmation statement directly to the Chair of the Graduate Student Paper Prize Committee by January 25, 2018.

The application deadline is final, and no extensions will be granted. Early applications are welcome and encouraged.

The Graduate Student Paper Prize Committee evaluates the submissions as papers to be read at the annual meeting rather than as articles to be published. While scholarly apparatus such as notes and bibliography may be included, they are not required and will not be a prime consideration of the evaluation. For this reason, principal intellectual debts should be acknowledged in the body of the paper. The winner will be announced and the prize awarded at the annual business meeting by the president of the Society, or by the chair or a member of the committee.

Graduate Student Paper Prize Consultant

All applicants are invited to send the final draft of their materials to the Graduate Student Paper Prize Consultant for feedback prior to sending it to the Graduate Student Prize Selection Committee. The consultant, who serves at the invitation of the Executive Committee, is an SCSM member who is an independent scholar or faculty member with broad experience presenting scholarly talks. The consultant’s charge is to provide constructive feedback on the form of the presentation – its organization, argumentation, use of supporting materials, etc. – not to critique its content. They are independent of the Selection Committee, and their work with applicants will be strictly confidential. Applicants choosing to avail themselves of this consultation must provide the final draft of their materials no later than 2 weeks prior to the application submission deadline (by 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, January 11, 2018).