Newsletter, Spring 2017

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Highlights from SCSM President, Jennifer Bloxam:
“I’m delighted to share with you the Spring 2017 SCSM Newsletter, wherein you will find, among other things, reflections on the 2017 meeting at Scripps College and the Graduate Student Panel (by Emilie Coakley and Adam Perez) as well as two thought-provoking essays on the subject of the Christian Imagination (by Chelle Stearns and Johann Buis).

Peters headshot fall 2016 3 smallA Special Note: A resounding “Thank You!” to Mark Peters, who with this issue completes a four-year stint as the first editor of this vital contribution to our Society’s outreach to members and friends. Find out about the next phase of the Newsletters stewardship in Mark’s note to you in this Newsletter!”