2005: Princeton University

FMCS Princeton University 2005

Forum on Music & Christian Scholarship
2005 Annual Meeting
Friday and Saturday, February 18 and 19, 2005
Princeton University


Friday, February 18


Session 1

Jeannette D. Jones (Louisiana State University), “Viriditas in Hildegard of Bingen and Gregory the Great”

Emily Snow (Princeton University), “Brussels, Bibliothèque royale de Belgique, MS 215-216 and Devotion to the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin in the Low Countries” (no abstract available)

Session 2

David Black (Harvard University), “Lieder der neuen Religion: Mozart and Reform Catholicism”

Eric McKee (The Pennsylvania State University), “The Topic of the Sacred in Beethoven’s Instrumental Music”


Session 3

Stephen Arthur Allen (Rider University), “‘Salvation at Sea’: Billy Budd and the Catastrophe of Doubt”

Vincent Benitez (Eastern Michigan University), “Timbre as Religious Symbol in Olivier Messiaen’s Opera St. François d’Assise

Robert Sholl (King’s College London/Thames Valley University), “Messiaen, St. Francis, and Redemption through Modernity”

Keynote Address

Robert Wuthnow, Gerhard R. Andlinger Professor of Sociology, Princeton University

Saturday, February 19


Session 4

Anthony Alms (Baruch College of CUNY), “Dafne, Theology, the the Beginnings of German Opera”

Markus Rathey (Yale Institute of Sacred Music), “Sweetening Heinrich Schütz: Kittel’s Arrangement of O süsser Jesu Christ

Stephen A. Crist (Emory University), “The Kessler Reformation Collection at Emory University: An Untapped Resource for Musical Scholarship”

Concurrent late morning sessions

Session 5

Rafael Lamas (Fordham University), “Ignatius of Loyola’s ‘Music of the Heart’ and his Impact on Early-Modern Spanish Musical Theatre”

Greta Olson (Chinese University of Hong Kong), “Politics, Music and the Adaptation of a Chant”

Session 6

Steven Nuss (Colby College), “Speaking and Hearing ‘the Word’: Moving Toward a Theology of Music Analysis”

James K. Wright (Carleton University), “‘In the Beginning was the Deed’: Schoenberg and Wittgenstein on the Limits of Language in Religion, Ethics, and Music Aesthetics”

Early afternoon

Session 7

Beate Kutschke (Berlin), “Avant-Gardist Voices as Protest Against a Conservative Christian Institution: Contemporary Sacred Music in West German of the 1950s”

David Horace Perkins (Vanderbilt University), “Selling the Sacred: Contemporary Christian Worship Music as General Market Commodity”

Post-conference opportunity: Tour of the Index of Christian Art (organized by Peter Jeffrey)